Friday, 10 January 2014

Hey Hey!!

Hello sweethearts. Finally, Finally....finally I am back after all the misadventures I had had last year. Though the year 2013 had started amazingly well for me, in which I also launched my fashion designing career but the end was not so happening for me. From October onwards I had done nothing, no reviews, no writing, not much of exhibitions.... basically nada mainly because of terrible flu, excruciating gum pains and broken ankle. All in all my Christmas or new year weren't as exciting as I wanted them to be. Phew!
Anyway let bygones be bygones, It's a new year and I am hoping to do some new exciting stuff (without  attracting anymore medical troubles thank you so much!). There are  going to be a lot of new reviews, beauty tutorials, fashion advises and I am also going to introduce the brand new section "52 Movies Challenge". Yes, I am going to watch one movie every week for the rest of the year.  Preferably rom-com, chick-flick and fashion documentaries. I will be watching old releases as well as new releases. I am just so excited to start with this section. (yayyyyy ) So stay tuned for all the brands new, sparkling and exciting stuff.  
Stay gorgeous, Stay sane and always stay stylish! *Kiss Kiss*
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