Saturday, 30 May 2015

Start of Something New..

It has been 6 months since the publication of my debut novel "Fashionably Yours" and it has been 4 months since I have started with 3 different story-lines and discarded each one of them after just 20k words or so, simply because none of those stories managed to keep me excited and curious.

I have so many ideas for my book #2 that I am finding it impossible to go with just one. The basic idea for my book #2 is to write about a girl who is scared, safe in her cocoon but can't wait to free herself from the burden of everyone else's dreams, expectations and requirements. She wants to be free as a bird, she'll makes her mistakes, her choices and her memories and after weeks of sitting down and idealizing the girl I want to write about, the places I want her to go to, the situations she'll take me to, I have finally narrowed down the story that I want to tell and I honestly can't wait to write it. I am excited to get on with the journey of this girl who is just like rest of us, the only difference is that she finds the way to survive and thrive when most of us decides to give up. 

Swati xxx

Saturday, 14 February 2015

World Book Fair- Book Signing

Heya Lovelies, I have got an announcement to make. A HUGE one!!

Tomorrow I'm going to be at World Book Fair as a commercially published author for the first time. Isn't it AWESOME????????? Anyway, I'll be signing the copies of my debut novel "Fashionably Yours" and will get into chitchat at Harlequin Author's Corner In Harper Collins pavilion. This is my first ever official book signing and I'm beyond excitedddddddddd...... 

I would like to invite all the romance-comedy and women fiction lovers to drop by Hall# 11, Stall# 371-390, Harlequin Corner, Harper Collins Pavilion, 15 Feb, 3 p.m onwards, Pragati Maidan.

I would love to meet you. 
smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon

Swati xxx

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Election Tamasha!

I would like to take a moment here...
Election season in Delhi is the most annoying time for me. My ear hurts when I have to repetitively listen to the theme songs of varying political parties on radio, T.V and even on YouTube, trying to give Bollywood songs run for money? Eh? My blood boils when I get the automated phone calls, especially when I am in middle of writing a sensitive scene for my novel. Congratulations you have succeeded to piss me off more than the customer care executive. I lose my patience when every political party tries to influence me through varying mediums and then suddenly a message lands in my inbox asking me to vote with open mind and without any influence on the Election Day, what kind of double standard is that?

I am in my twenties, independent, educated girl with good head on my shoulders. Do you really think that you can mask all of your weaknesses and double standard through aggressive campaigning? Sorry boss you have underestimated me and millions of other people like me. I am capable enough to make my decision without any influence and tamasha. Lastly I don't understand how anybody could ask any one to vote for any particular 'party' or brand? Aren't we suppose to judge the 'candidate' on the basis of his/her capability and humanity irrespective of the party he/she belongs to?
Bottom line: Get over yourself dude, this girl can make her own decision.
Rant Over. Pheww....

Friday, 30 January 2015

Welcome To My Office!

I have always wanted a proper bookshelf and a proper writing desk and finally i have got one. I have got it built in the one and only free corner of my bedroom. Ladies and Gents welcome to my very own-mini office in the comfort of my bedroom. Totally chuffed.

So here is my sweet, small and a very specious bookshelf. The photo didn't do justice to it. There are rows of books behind the rows of books that you can see on the shelves in this picture. THAT specious it is. 

Can you spot my novel baby "Fashionably Yours" on the second shelf? Well every morning I wake up and this is the first thing i see. It totally kicks my arse and put me in the mood to work even harder every single day.

And now this is my work station, my writing/beauty desk. On the far left what you can sees is a bowl of nail paints then there is a jar of lipsticks & glosses. The silver bowl in the middle holds all of my pens and collection of pencils. There is a basket for latest magazines. My candles on the mirror tray is the prettiest part of this whole desk. And there is that while pearl box which I had posted on the instagram few days earlier and asked you guys for suggestions regarding what should I use it for. Well i have decided to use it as a memory box.

Honestly since i have got this small office built-in, I'm writing and blogging so much more. I am totally in love with this beauty at the moment.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Swati xxx

Friday, 2 January 2015

The Year T'was!

Happy New Year lovelies! I spent my new year’s eve in bed and had a lot of tea while watching endless movies. I am not a party person and love to spend time at home so it was quite a beautiful evening for me on my own. Anyway how was yours?

As the year 2015 kicks in, I would like to take a moment and reflect on the year 2014. It was definitely one of the most challenging years for me and I had the highest number of ups and downs that any person could ever have in one year. As the year 2014 started on quite a sour note for me, I am glad that it ended up on a beautiful note. While the first six months of the year 2014 were especially painful and gruesome for me, mentally and spiritually, my life did the 360 degree turn in the second half of the year and what a change it was man!! I am still in awe!

After trying to make it as a contemporary women fiction writer for five years when I finally started to give up, I got the opportunity of the lifetime (you can read here about it in detail) and I said goodbye to 2014 as a commercial published author! Oh Man! And it became even better as I winded up the year with a 3 hour long radio interview/chat with the RJ Jane over Chennai Live-104.8 FM on 27th of December. Never in my dreams, I imagined getting so much attention and love.

Lastly I want to thank each and everyone who bought my book and gave it so much love and affection. I would always be in your debts.

Swati x

P.S: If you haven’t got your copy of Fashionably Yours as yet then you can get it on Amazon or Flipkart.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Hello December!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s Decemberrrrrrrrrrrrrr, brrhhh! This is the best month of the year. Everything looks so magical around this time of the year. Isn’t it? For me this month is all about cold nights, fairy lights, gleaming roads, loads of tea, dazzling desserts, warm blanket, super cute socks, beautiful movies, pile of gifts and the Christmas tree. As soon as December arrives, I start drawing the lists of things like decorations that I would need for my tree, food that is going to be served on the Christmas eve, gifts for everyone and movies that I am going to watch through the month right till the start of the next year in my pjs, night after night. I feel most cozy, comfortable and happiest around this time and if I could have my way then I would never let December to come to the end.

Last week my Christmas tree went up though it still needs some more decoration but I would love to share the picture of this with you guys. Though it’s not really tall or extravagant or real but it’s still every inch scintillating in my opinion.

Feel free to share the pictures of  your Christmas tree. I would love to drool over them. 

Swati xxxx

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How Do I Feel?

Hello there,.. hope you guys were keeping well while I was away. Well my debut contemporary women fiction novel Fashionably Yours is pretty much out in paperback as well as in eBook (kindle). Though It will take few days before you can buy it from the bookstores near you but you can totally purchase it online at Flipkart Infibeam Amazon & Landmark

I have to tell you guys that I am quite overwhelmed by the response that I have received so far. The reviews are pretty mixed and majorly positive. I still have to pinch myself every time I see another review or photo people share on facebook, instagram or twitter of my book to make myself believe that it's not just a dream, that i have actually written a book which has been actually published by a publisher, no less but Harlequin. God knows when I am going to feel like a proper author, I wonder how other authors do it. It all feels so freaking cool and weird at the same time. Couple of weeks back I got the box of author copies and i remember that feeling when i picked up one of the books from the lot...I was actually trembling head to toe and could feel the blood rushing through my body. It was beyond the words experience. Couple of days back I saw a girl reading Fashionably Yours in the metro and that totally blanked me out! Someone was actually reading MY book! LOL! How freaking cool is that? 

Well to share my immense happiness and joy on the publication of Fashionably Yours, I am having a fabulous giveaway over my Facebook page where 3 lucky winners can win the 3 gorgeous hampers along with the signed copy of Fashionably Yours.

AND if this is not enough then I am having a one more giveaway over Goodreads where 5 lucky winners can win the signed copies of Fashionably Yours. 

Girls and Guys, both are welcome to enter the competitions. While girls can win the hamper or signed copy for themselves to snuggle with on the cold days, guys can gift it to their wives, sister, girlfriends or a girl friend. 

HURRY UP!! The competitions won't last long. 

Swati xxx

P.S: Here is what people are saying about Fashionably Yours :

"This story expertly contrasts the traditional roles of women vs their desire to be modern and independent. If you want an entertaining read, with laughter and a whole lot of fabulous fashion, then this book is for you"

"This was quite a remarkable debut and one I sure enjoyed. This author has the potential to become a great chick lit star right next to some well known and established names in the chick lit industry"

"The author is very imaginative, so expect at least one twist per chapter!"

" It was a fast - paced, light, humorous and enjoyable read, to sugar one or two rainy and dark evenings"

"The novel is descriptive and wonderfully written"

"I very much enjoyed this funny and easy to follow romantic comedy"

"Add a huge dollop of drama, emotional scenes, the eccentric quirks of characters and you have Fashionably Yours in a nutshell."

"It's an excellent book with loads of laugh out loud moments with the right amount of fashion, drama, glamour and romance. The author has the beautiful and most colourful writing style. "

"It's a light, hilarious read with a lot of fashion and drama"