Tuesday, 23 September 2014

.......And I'm Back

Hi there, how are you doing gorgeous? I had been away from "Fabulous Adda" for over 2 months and  trust me i missed it like crazy but I have a good reason to be away. 

ACTUALLY , I was busy in finishing and editing my debut novel! YES, YOU HEARD IT RIGHT. My DEBUT novel. Never in my dreams i  thought that one day i would be writing this blog post but believe it or not the day has finally arrived. I have waited for five bloody years for this day. After five years of hard work, rejections and tears, i finally got my calling in the most unusual and unexpected way. Over the upcoming days i would be reveling everything about the book from the cover to blurb to excerpts. I am freaking excited for it but for now I want to tell you that MY debut novel is a women centered romantic comedy aka chicklit and it's called "FASHIONABLY YOURS". The book is majorly set against the glamorous backdrop of Mumbai city and it will be published by none other than Harlequin India in November 2014 i.e in almost six weeks!!!!!!!!!! 

Stay tuned for more updates and news about "Fashionably Yours".  *Kiss Kiss*

Swati x