Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Holiday!

Finally, finally the day has arrived and I’m off to Dubai for Dubai Shopping Festival + a lot of adventure. I just can’t wait to dine on the cruise, dance in Cavalli, have fun in desert safari and most important to shop at the fabulous Dubai Malls. Whole week I kept on dreaming about Prada bags and Jimmy Choos. Oh.My.God. Though I’m sure that when I’ll be there I would want to buy almost everything in my vicinity but since I’m not a light traveller and since my luggage is already way over the limit I reckon I’m going to do a smart shopping so that I don’t have to pay massive airport taxes! Wish I knew how to travel light!! *Sigh*

Anyway in middle of cursing myself for luggage packing disability, I still managed to squeeze this in my overflowing suitcase:

Take my words it’s a miracle detoxification tea. It's very healthy plus very tasty almost addictive. Strongly recommended. On this holiday I’m going to eat my heart out but since I am in no mood to upset my gym trainer once I’m back, I definitely going to make sure to destroy the evidence of the potential crime.
See you in a week till then take care! *kiss kiss*
P.S: I have to be up, get ready and leave in 6 hours and I can already tell you that I am late! *Meep*

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