Thursday, 7 February 2013

Day well spent !

I am really sick today thanks to excruciating back and neck pain. Since today I was going to stay indoors all day long, in my bed, under the duvet, I decided to spend my day fabulously with some leisure read and glamour. So, before slamming my bedroom door shut on rest of the world I popped out of the house (very briefly) to get these:

I am always in need of bit of glamour! Anyway, my day went brilliantly with these beauties on my lap and hot water bottle on my side! *Utter Bliss*
Now it's 12:30 A.M in my side of the world and I am not felling sleepy, not at all, not even tiny bit so I thought why not spend some time on researching for my (ahem!) novel. So very quickly I dig out the CD of my absolutely favourite movie "Bride Wars" and I am all set to cuddle up with it for next couple of hours! Mind you I am doing it only and only and only for the research purpose!
While I get down to my work, you gorgeous ladies just relax, have a glass of red or a huge cuppa of coffee (like me) or do whatever suits you but take care of yourselves and stay fabulous!
Love you sweethearts! xoxo

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