Thursday, 14 February 2013

Don't Need A Man To Define Me!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. No. Actually Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who is into this Valentine stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-Valentine’s but I am also not a big fan of this day. Never have been.  One thing I never understood that how one particular day can be dedicated to love? Don’t you love your partner for rest of the 364 days? Currently I am single but if and when I am going to fall in love or going to marry someone I am going to make sure that that man don’t give me any flowers, gifts or chocolates on this so called “Day of Love”. Anyone can buy you flowers on Valentine’s Day but I am on look out for someone who can give me just one hug every single day for rest of my life.

I have literally seen girls ranting, complaining and desperately praying to have a boyfriend only and only because he can pamper her with gifts and dinner on V-day!  Oh girl why? I have always been single but I’ve never felt myself un-loved or unlucky for a single moment. Every now and then I pamper myself thoroughly with good food, good mani-pedis, good movies, good books, good vacations, good holidays, good coffee, good cloths, good shoes, good handbags and good lip balms, V-Day or no V-Day. I never felt a need for a man to do all of these things for me because I am a strong, confident and an awesome girl who can look after myself in good and bad. I don’t need a man to define me. I don’t need a man to shower me with gifts. If and when I would feel a need for man than it would be only and only to love and respect me, not for one day but for entire life.

I reckon if you are in love with someone than every day should be Valentine’s Day for you. You should love your partner every day, more than yesterday. AND if you are single like me than embrace yourself and don’t forget that you are precious and if no one else than at least you love yourself! AND that’s what important here…. Love!

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  1. No man, or woman for that matter, can define your self worth :)
    Yes, this coming from someone who is diametrically opposite to anything remotely concerned with romance :D