Thursday, 3 October 2013

Stay Chic, Stay Stylish!!

Hiya, Good Morning people. Well practically it’s dawn but after spending the last five hours in tossing and turning in my bed I decided to give up and start my day early (Really early). So I sprung out of my bed at 3:55 A.M, opened my drawers and fished out this beautiful coral-coloured nail paint which I just bought the other day and varnished my nails. Then idly I started browsing through Daily Mail on my laptop and came across an article about beauty secrets of French women (aka how French women stay chic and young throughout their lives). To be honest half of the “secret” mentioned there were either too tiresome, expensive or simply waste of time. So I though why not write down the list of the things (in general) which women can do to look impeccable at any point of time. So here it is:

- Never wear ill-fitted undergarments. Undergarments are as important as your dress. The shape/size of undergarment can make or break your look so choose wisely and rightly.

- No matter how tired you are when you returned home after attending your best friend’s wedding, night out or from business meeting, always always remove your make-up with good make-up remover before going to the bed. Surely you don’t want to wake up next day with bad break out and blotches on your skin.

- Always moisturise your skin after bath. Keep a pot of hand cream in your purse and apply it after every hand wash.

- Never leave the house with minimal make-up. Tinted moisturiser, kohl, single coat of mascara and some lip-gloss is sufficed to get you through the day.

- If you don’t have time for painting your nails then keep the buffer handy. File your nails and give it a good buff and voila you will have healthy looking nails in just 5 minutes.

- If your nail paint is chipped then remove it immediately.

- If you have dry hair then wash your hair twice in a week and if you have really oily scalp like mine that wash your hair four times in a week and if you don’t have time for wash then apply some dry shampoo. It works wonders.

- Drink loads and loads of water as it will flush out all the toxins out of your body and will leave your skin radiant.

- Introduce some raw veggis and salads in your food as it will keep any bloating or puffiness away.

- Work out for at least 30 minutes to stay fit and healthy.

- If you have got swollen or puffy eyes because of late night then use refrigerated cucumber or tea bags to get instant relief.

- Last but not the least never go anywhere without checking yourself in the mirror, fix whatever is a miss. AND please don’t step out without confidence.

Follow these simply tips and I promise that there won’t be a day when you’ll look anything less than impeccable. Stay chic, stay stylish! x

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  1. All tips good & practicable-esp. the last one which i always neglect.