Sunday, 21 July 2013

Single Girl In The City !

Yes. This is what it’s all about. This is what Bridget Jones is all about. A girl in her thirties, with few wobbly bits, one giant granny pants and couple of friends lives in the city and works in the office where she has fallen for totally wrong guy-a moron.
This is the first every chick-lit book I had read. This is the first ever chick-flick I had ever watched. This book introduced me to the genres chick-lit and chick-flick. Even today whenever I feel bit rundown it’s my “go-to” book/comfort movie. The reason why I feel so comfortable and confident with Bridget Jones around me is because she is a woman like you and me. In my life so far I haven’t come across one woman, single woman who didn’t like this book or loved its movie adaptation.
Though I have met few guys who wonder that what girls love so much about this book/movie because as per them it just tells an average story of an average woman. Tell you what, there is nothing average about it. Every girl identifies with Ms. Jones and I have a good list of reasons to prove this:
- Every girl falls for some bastard or total loser at least once in her life time.
- Every girl has had her heart broken. (Normally more than once)
- Every girl fills her mouth with tons of ice-cream and chocolate as a way of mending her broken heart.
- Every girl has her fair share of wobbly bits.
- Every girl has a pair of spanx tucked in the back of her closet. (She will never confess)
- Every girl feels that she is few pounds over her ideal weight. (Even if she weights 8lbs)
- Every girl has received some embarrassing gifts from her parents. (A stupid skirt, ugly skirt or horrible jumper)
- Every girl hates her mother as much as she loves her. (It’s complicated!)
- Every girl wants a man like Mr. Darcy.
- Every girl doesn’t get a man like Mr. Darcy.
Few of my favourite scenes and quotes from the movie:

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