Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Break Free!!!

 It has happened to me, way too often. Time and again people who were actually quite close to me had criticized me, from my choice of hair cut to career and they still do. Thankfully I am not the kind of a person who gets affected by anyone’s opinion or give up to the bullies but there are people whose lives are largely affected by such bullies around them. My message to them: It’s your bloody life and you are the queen of it. Make your own memories and mistakes. Dream the dream and live them. Pick your own path and walk on it in your sparkliest stilettoes. No one, absolutely no one has got any right to judge you and if you feel that they are being over criticizing about your views, ways of life, career choices, your ways of dealing situation then let me tell you darling they are simply jealous of you because they knew that they themselves are not capable of leading the life in a way you do. Here, they are the loser not you. You are different and you are precious. Retain your grace and ignore such awfully ignorant people. Don’t give your attention to them because all they deserve is pity! Always remember that “You are a diamond and they can’t break you”.

AND here is my message to those who make it their business to bully people and make their life hell: Being open-minded or fearless is the sign of how well brought up, knowledgeable, cultured and mannered that person is but sometimes such people are regarded as shameless, unacceptable and unethical by people like you who themselves are not gutted enough to live out of the box because of your century old orthodox believes and deep roasted criticizing behaviour! You are not the worst, but definitely one of the most dangerous species on the earth.

My advice to you is to get a life and for f*uck sake concentrate on making yourself better than picking faults in others.



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