Saturday, 21 June 2014


Hello guys! How have you been? I missed you people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all I would like to apologise for my disappearance, I am deeply sorry for it but trust me it wasn’t intended.

The last four months had been the strangest months of my life. Couple of month back one of my aunts died because of breast cancer and though I didn’t meet her in last five years and hadn’t had any sort of relationship with her but it was still shocking. Despite of the fact that we were not even close it took me 2 MONTHS to get over it. I was totally numb during the whole time and kept on asking myself that why the bloody hell it’s hurting me so bad. Anyway deaths do these kinds of things to me. Sometimes I even go in shock when I read something particularly sad in the newspaper and it takes me weeks to get back to my normal self. I don’t know what is the problem with me but I am currently working on it. Well that was the one reason but another one was a rather an unbelievably good one. Do you remember telling me you few months back that I was going to enter into Harlequin India’s new author search completion? Well I did send my entry albeit any hopes. You know I’ve never ever won any contests in my life and of course I didn’t win this one either (what the heck I was thinking! huh?). When I got to know that I didn’t win I went into really depressive mode and then suddenly one day a mail pinged in my mail box. It was from Harlequin India and it said that though I didn’t win but they would still like to read the rest of my book. REALLY???????????????????????? It took me one month to complete the manuscript before mailing it to them and then after couple of weeks one more mail arrived titled “Next Step” and it said that they LOVED it. They freaking LOVED it!!! Holy Shit!!!!!!!!! They asked me to do some revisions and told me to do it fast so that we could move along quickly with the process. Currently my revised and thoroughly edited manuscript is with them and I am waiting for their next mail or phone call!??  

In the meanwhile I am keeping my fingers and everything else crossed!! Lol

P.S: Now I am back to the blog and the social sphere so feel free to come back here anytime for new book reviews, beauty posts, chit chat and gossip.

Swati  xxxxx

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