Friday, 30 January 2015

Welcome To My Office!

I have always wanted a proper bookshelf and a proper writing desk and finally i have got one. I have got it built in the one and only free corner of my bedroom. Ladies and Gents welcome to my very own-mini office in the comfort of my bedroom. Totally chuffed.

So here is my sweet, small and a very specious bookshelf. The photo didn't do justice to it. There are rows of books behind the rows of books that you can see on the shelves in this picture. THAT specious it is. 

Can you spot my novel baby "Fashionably Yours" on the second shelf? Well every morning I wake up and this is the first thing i see. It totally kicks my arse and put me in the mood to work even harder every single day.

And now this is my work station, my writing/beauty desk. On the far left what you can sees is a bowl of nail paints then there is a jar of lipsticks & glosses. The silver bowl in the middle holds all of my pens and collection of pencils. There is a basket for latest magazines. My candles on the mirror tray is the prettiest part of this whole desk. And there is that while pearl box which I had posted on the instagram few days earlier and asked you guys for suggestions regarding what should I use it for. Well i have decided to use it as a memory box.

Honestly since i have got this small office built-in, I'm writing and blogging so much more. I am totally in love with this beauty at the moment.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Swati xxx

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