Thursday, 5 February 2015

Election Tamasha!

I would like to take a moment here...
Election season in Delhi is the most annoying time for me. My ear hurts when I have to repetitively listen to the theme songs of varying political parties on radio, T.V and even on YouTube, trying to give Bollywood songs run for money? Eh? My blood boils when I get the automated phone calls, especially when I am in middle of writing a sensitive scene for my novel. Congratulations you have succeeded to piss me off more than the customer care executive. I lose my patience when every political party tries to influence me through varying mediums and then suddenly a message lands in my inbox asking me to vote with open mind and without any influence on the Election Day, what kind of double standard is that?

I am in my twenties, independent, educated girl with good head on my shoulders. Do you really think that you can mask all of your weaknesses and double standard through aggressive campaigning? Sorry boss you have underestimated me and millions of other people like me. I am capable enough to make my decision without any influence and tamasha. Lastly I don't understand how anybody could ask any one to vote for any particular 'party' or brand? Aren't we suppose to judge the 'candidate' on the basis of his/her capability and humanity irrespective of the party he/she belongs to?
Bottom line: Get over yourself dude, this girl can make her own decision.
Rant Over. Pheww....

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