Wednesday, 5 June 2013

And They Lived Happily Ever After….?

Lately I have been super busy in attending bucket loads of wedding ceremonies and receptions and trust me you have no idea how much I love weddings. Beautiful cloths, breathtaking jewellery, scrumptious food, lavish ceremonies, music, dancing, laughing, eating…every single thing about wedding is my favourite. Soon everything comes to an end when one bid adieu to bride and groom who are already dreaming about their amazing new life together.

Time passes and one day you get a call at 8o’clock in the morning which literally made you jump out of the bed. It’s your friend, screaming, sobbing, yelling, shouting and muttering. “This is hell” she yells and all you could think is “huh”? This is the same girl who was the happiest girl on whole of the plant just couple of months back, this is the same girl who danced more than anyone else on her bachelorette and this is the same girl who announced a night before wedding “This is the best thing ever happened to me”. So why is she yelling that it’s so hard to manage everything? Why is she sobbing and muttering this is the worst decision I had ever made? Why is she screaming that what the fuck I’m doing here when I should have been on my way to that big meeting with my boss?

Let me say what I have observed in most of these bucket loads of weddings: This girl signed up for the wedding not for the marriage! (Yup! You heard me right). This girl thought that life was actually a fairy tale! SHUT UP! Beautiful cloths, breathtaking jewellery, scrumptious food, lavish ceremonies, music, dancing are the things which come with wedding. Adjustment and compromise are what marriage demands. A marriage needs your time, patience, love and care. You are no singleton now. You can’t sneak out for drink with your friends as and when you want. You absolutely have to manage the pile of dirt laundry and meeting with your boss, all in one day. Wake up girl! You are no Cinderella who is going to stay in a palace full of maids and servants. It’s real life for fuck sake! Stop complaining and work towards your relationship.

There is no happy ever after because life doesn’t end when a man aka prince marry a woman aka princess. It happens only in movies. Real life starts from here and real life fulls of up and downs, failure and success, happy and sad moments. No one can be happy each and every day. Every day is different. Take it as it comes and you'll see that life is so much more beautiful and difficult than what you have imagined!

AND girl whatever you do.. DON’T fucking call me at 8 o’clock in the morning. It’s a bad time to talk to anyone who is suffering from insomnia and who manages to doze off at 5: 30 A.M!

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