Thursday, 6 February 2014

Brighten Up Your Dull Day

Hey lovelies, How are you doing girls? Well today I am having one those dull days when you feel like staying under the duvet all day long and even the smallest things like a loose strand of hair against your cheeks can irritate you like hell. The reason of me having a dull day? Ah! Well I am suffering from the sudden outburst of hives which has restricted my activity to my bed in loose fitting cloths because apparently hives can get worse when you workout, take hot baths or stress about any stuff. This has stopped me going to my fitness dance classes this week and it had made me depressed beyond the words. I mean dancing brings me joy, freedom and of course fitness, which god know I need more than anything else. Lol!
So to brighten up my dull day I have planned to do these small but amazing things and if you too are having a dull or a gloomy day then join me in the party.
To brighten  up your dull day, all the ingredients you need are:
A cup or preferably a pot of coffee
Really good book preferably chick-lit
Couple of magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar or Glamour and if you can than buy Tatler
Few scented candles on your night stand. Try Bath and Body Works
And a pink nail polish. Maybelline New York's Colour Show range have some good ones. My favourite is coral one with the shade no. 211.

P.S: Don't forget to play some good music in the background while you get on with your brightening-up-the-day process. I love to listen 'Label or Love', 'Watch Me Shine' and  'I'm Woman' on such days!
Good Luck!

P.P.S: FYI if I feel better after all of it then I might forget about my hives and could go to my Zumba class in the evening and will thought about it consequences later. God knows I need this!

Swati xxx

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