Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Day Special (Strictly For Singles!!!)


Ok Ladies! So the day which you have been dreading for weeks has finally arrived. All of your BFFs are gushing over their valentine’s date and you are sulking behind the close doors of your room. Right? Well if the answer is yes than stop that sulking right NOW!  
I know I know, it’s wonderful to have someone to shower you with gifts, flowers, romantic dinner. I personally know a lot of girls who make it their mission to find the date solely for the Valentine’s Eve and after the date they don’t even bother to call him. These girls don’t have loose morals, neither they are conniving bitches, they are just girls who don’t want to be alone on the day when literally everyone is strolling down the street, hand-in-hand, they just want to be the part of that happy-couple crowed, they don’t want to be left out. I am no one to judge if they are right or wrong in doing so. But I can speak for myself. I would never, ever want to be involved with someone, solely for the sake of a Valentine’s date. That is stooping too low for me but that’s only my point of view and you have every right to disagree with me.
I am a kind of girl who just can’t pretend that 14 Feb is just another Friday but I am also a girl who can’t spent a day with relatively stranger and the next day would feel “What heck I was thinking?”. So I have worked out the third way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s a day of love and I want to feel loved. At the moment I am blissfully single and still I can think of thousand ways to make myself feel loved without even having a date. So if you are single too, then take clues from here and have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!!
Stay away from FB, Twitter: It’s the best way to stay away from all the mushy couples who are all set to post every move of their day on FB and Twitter with a sole purpose of flaunting their fabulous gifts and date on your face. Who needs to know if he has gifted you a g-string? You are definitely not going to post your picture wearing it later so what’s the point of twitting about it now? Puke!
Join a fun and fabulous fitness class for a day: To free yourself from any negativity, blues or sadness, hit the gym today! You can go to any good gym of your area and pay the daily charge. Attend a hip-hop, zumba or bollywood-hollywood dance class. Take my words, you will feel uh-mazing at the end of it.
Spend some money: Spend your money on yourself. Go to shopping and buy that really expensive perfume which you have been coveting for so long.
Trip to spa/beauty salon: Go for some luxurious massage at your nearby spa or if you are not a fan of it then gift yourself a professional mani-pedi. Beautifully painted nails can make anything better.
Rent a good movie or box-set: Rent a good movie or box-set of your favourite sitcom. This is sure to make your day much more bearable.
Have single girls night-in: Invite all of your single girlfriends at your place. Pop the bottle of bubbly, order take-away, wear your PJs, watch that movie or box-set you rented and raise toast to your singleness.
Alternative: If you don’t have any single friend then take a long bath, light some scented candles, put on a really good lip balm, order take away, put on the DVD and jump on the sofa. You are in for a treat!
All the single ladies out there make yourself feel loved and worthy and have a really fabulous Valentine’s Day!
Swati xxx

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