Saturday, 8 February 2014

How you spend your Sunday?

Hello Ladies, with only 5 days to the V-day I hope all of you are supper busy in digging out that one perfect dress from your closet for that one perfect dinner with that one Mr. Perfect and if you have failed to dig out a decent outfit for Valentine’s date than you should better run for shopping. Considering it’s Sunday today, it should not be difficult for you to spare an hour for yourself. So while you are busy in preparing for your special date I am safely tucked in my warm duvet with a cup of coffee and looking forward to spending my Sunday in doing the stuff which gives me immense pleasure, the sense of bliss and serenity.
My Sunday is usually about changing my bed linens, putting on a good face mask, reading “Wedding & Celebration” section of New York Time on my tab, devouring the four beautiful pages of Times Life, painting my nails, writing, lazying around with a book and eating Yummylicious snacks.
Just out of curiosity: How you spend your Sunday? (Of course! other than this particular Sunday!)

Swati xxx

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